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>> :>Re the two software packages mentioned in the subject: anyone care to give
>an opinion on which is better and why?
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>> :>TIA,
>> :>Leonard

>> Watcom/Powersoft/whoever who used to own VX-Rexx has dropped it. That's a
>> enough reason to stay away from the product, regardless of its technical
>> merits.
>Why?  I have a software package that the company went out of biz.  I paid
>a lot ofr it, and when I first heard the news, I was kinda bummed. Then I
>looked at it this way.
>THe prgram works quite well.  No real bugs, and I don't want for any
>features, who cares?

The basic point is that you would not purchase it knowing that the company
had no intention of ever supporting it in the future with enhancements or
corrective maintenance features. I use Describe because I purchased it
before the company went under. I continue to use it because it works
reasonably well. However, if I knew that their desmise before hand and
someone asked me to recommend a word processing package, Describe would
not have been on my list. In this case, Powersoft will sell you VX Rexx,
but it is a dead product so why buy it.

Paul Taube



Mon, 09 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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