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 Vx-Rexx Containers

Hi all.
I've some questions about Containers Object in VX-Rexx (it would be nice
to have a dedicated usnet or distr-list).

I'm going to use them only now (so late!) and I'd like to understand bet-
ter their philosophy.

I've created a container using a detail view I can look at the conference
names and when I switch to TextTree view, I can expand tree too to look at
each msg for any conference. The problem is:

Is there any way to see children records in detail view w/o rebuilding the
whole record organization and deleting parents records?
Why I can see only the caption property of each record in TextTree view
mode ?
Is there any way to expand parents and look at the whole child record ?
If it is impossible I'd like to knopw if this is an OS/2 limitation (as I
guess) or a VX-Rexx implementation limit.

BTW I've heard that VX-Rexx 2.1 will be soon out. I'd like to know when an
d at what conditions for a 2.02 user like me (with/w/o books ecc...).

Thanks a lot in adevance and good holidays everybody.

S.I.A.E.  (Societa' Italiana Autori Editori)
S.S.I.    (Servizio Sistemi Informativi)

Sat, 01 Feb 1997 00:03:47 GMT  
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