Newbie question - windows clipboard into rexx variable 
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 Newbie question - windows clipboard into rexx variable

Sorry if this is a dumb question. Well, 2 questions really.
I'm trying to write a rexx macro on Windoze which will run in a text editor
(IBM VA-PLI if anyone's interested).
What I want to do is to run the macro, and with it running, double-click on
some words in the open text file.
What I don't want is to have to type the words into a message box.
Each of these words should be accepted by the macro (stored in an array etc)
then with a keystroke, say, "enter" the macro stops waiting for input and
starts processing the array of previously selected words.

1) Can someone help me with the code for the loop which will keep accepting
until the enter key is pressed?

2) I know how to get stuff into the clipboard (with "lxi primitive
clipcopy" ), but I can't get it from the clipboard into a rexx variable so I
can use it in the macro ("clippaste" obviously writes to the text file. Is
there a way I can temporarily tell it to write to a rexx variable, rather
than the file?)

I'd appreciate any help, pointers links to examples or the FAQ if there is

Sat, 02 Apr 2005 18:55:58 GMT  
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