Need Example CICS/REXX doing CICS LINK with COMMAREA to non-REXX PGM 
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 Need Example CICS/REXX doing CICS LINK with COMMAREA to non-REXX PGM

Hi Gang!

   I have the usual short time frame and steep learning curve plus
no available CICS system to play with until the day it's due.

   Would appreciate any pointer to CICS/REXX code that does a CICS LINK
to a non-REXX COMMAREA-only routine.

   A code snippet would also be appreciated.

   It should be a very simple thing. I'm just nervous not being able
to test until last minute.

   It looks like I can just assemble a REXX var with the COMMAREA contents
which is just text:

   var1 = 'This is all I have to pass to invoked routine'

and then:


and on return VAR1 will contain the results the invoked routine set in
COMMAREA passed to it.

   I think I know how to access EIB and determine if LINK was OK.

   Just not sure what happens if linked routine returned a COMMAREA of
a different size. Is that automagically handled? Do I have to ensure
my original COMMAREA (var1) was big enough? I don't think so but I'm
just not sure.

   If I was able to test I wouldn't be pestering this conference. I could
easily see if LINK worked via EIBRESP, etc. I could look at EIBCALEN to
confirm my understanding of what's going on underneath the covers.

   Thanks for any feedback.   - Jim

Fri, 10 Sep 2004 02:01:48 GMT  
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