automated IND$FILE transfer OS/2 Rexx VM/CMS 
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 automated IND$FILE transfer OS/2 Rexx VM/CMS

Hello all-

  I am trying to figure out a "simple" way to use Rexx to perform IND$FILE
  transfers between OS/2 2.1 and VM/CMS (ESA) over IRMA3 -COAX.  

  The basic idea is a callable command line (no intervention required)
  that will:
        1 Log on to CMS
        2 send a file from PC -> CMS
        3 start a CMS REXX EXEC, and get its return code :      
          - Submit a job to VSE
          - wait for the output to return to the CMS RDR
          - read the RDR and save as a CMS file
        4 send the file from CMS -> PC
        5 logoff from CMS
        6 return to the command line/my program (with a return code)

  I have the CMS REXX EXEC already.
  I also have OS/2 Communication Manager/2 which supposedly comes with
  Rexx-able HLLAPI functions to do what I have described.

  My questions are:
        Do any of you have similar experiences to share?

        What manual(s) would be ideal to help me with the above (IBM numbers
        if available)?

        What, if any, further software do I need for this to work (We have
        IND$FILE for CMS already)?

        Is there a completely different (better/inexpensive) way to perform the
        task under OS/2?

  Please respond via Email, and I'll post a summary (and perhaps the working
  Rexx code!) if there are any responses.


Wed, 06 Dec 1995 01:37:19 GMT  
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