TCP/IP sockets code in REXX script (long) - client.CMD (0/1) 
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 TCP/IP sockets code in REXX script (long) - client.CMD (0/1)

  This is a follow-up to an article I posted earlier.
  The shipping systems in our warehouse are running the OS/2
version of TanData Progistics, which acts as a rate server,
performs banding, etc.  The product allows us to plug in
REXX scripts at certain points.  A script can also be started
manually using a TanData command-line utility, XPRUN.
  One of our scripts updates Btrieve databases for our warehouse
system after Progistics is done with a package.  At a remote
location connected by a leased line, this is much too slow, so
we want to just send the package data to the server and let him
do the Btrieve I/O.  That is, a server process also running on
the rate server will listen for requests coming from the remote
client, update the Btrieve files, and return completion data.  
The server process is started from the command line with XPRUN.
  This all works great until you get to SockClose().  At that
point, XPRUN fails with the message "Invalid session ID" and
we get dumped out to the command line, leaving behind an open
file handle and an unusable port number.

[C:\tandata]xprun /a:shipback /s:shipclient
REXX error occurred.
Error in shipclient, line 99: Invalid session ID.

[C:\tandata]xprun /a:shipback /s:shipserver
REXX error occurred.
Error in shipserver, line 112: Invalid session ID.

All the rest of the code runs properly up through
SockShutDown() and communication between the two machines
is reliable.  I've attached the test code for those who want
to have a peek.  Note that "inform" is a TanData routine that
puts up a dialog box on the screen to display a message;
"ask" puts one up with a text field to prompt the operator.
When we replace "inform" and "ask" with "say" and "pull"
and run this as a regular REXX program, it does what it
is supposed to, so it seems to be some problem with running
in the TanData environment.  They have a limited sockets API
(client functions only), but that doesn't even get past the
opening of a socket without throwing the same error.
  Any help would be appreciated!


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Mon, 07 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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