Still Need Help With Login Sequence Parsing-Please! 
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 Still Need Help With Login Sequence Parsing-Please!

I tried to post this question the other day, but never saw it show up.
If this is a repeat, I apologize, but I still don't have an answer

As Paul Harvey might say, I have a strange....

Last fall, I was able to successful set up a REXX script to work with
SLIPPM (Dial Other Internet Provider) in the Warp Internet Access Kit.
I had to stop using Warp, though, because my system was too slow.  I
just recently got a new machine and reinstalled Warp.  This time,
though, I can't get the script to work.  (I have a new Internet
provider, so I had to start over.)  As the login sequence, I have

     intelnet.cmd atdt3710300 keithr xxxxx

with, of course, the proper password substituted.

I modified the annex.cmd file provided with the IAK, using the
identical parse line:

     parse arg interface , dialcmd username password

When I tried to dial, I got the following:

info: [main] couldn't determine hostname
info: Connecting with <intelnet.cmd atdt3710300 keithr xxxxx>
inteleNET - PPP Connection Script (interface ppp0)
User Name: error: Rexx error -48 running RexxStart
error: [main] could not set up connection

First of all, I have no idea what "couldn't determine hostname" means,
but I'm not sure it's significant.  More importantly, though, in
debugging the script, I found that, while interface is parsed
correctly to ppp0, dialcmd is parsed to com1!  Username and password
are parsed to null (or possibly a space).

I seemed to remember that last fall, case had made a difference, so I
tried to change the login sequence to upper case.  When I did this,
though, I now got:

info: Connecting with <slattach AT OK ATDT371-0300 NNECT INTELNET.CMD

Can ANYONE tell me what I'm doing wrong?  I've spent several hours on
this, and it's driving me nuts!


Keith Russell

Tue, 31 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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