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 Enough is Enough

Will somebody tell me what has happened to this list?  (Yes, I know about
the merger.)

Will somebody tell me what newsgroup/list/whatever deals with practical
questions concerning REXX usage and proposals for enhancements/extensions?
(As opposed to the merits of Perl and the perils of MI.)

Failing that, would anyone like to join me in setting up such a group?
I have just the name. . .

Mon, 19 Dec 1994 06:23:23 GMT  
 Enough is Enough
Ben Chi said:

>(As opposed to the merits of Perl and the perils of MI.)

May I diffidently request that the comparison re scripting
languages be moved to comp.lang.misc, as a more suitable
place for that discussion?  REXX isn't even part of that
discussion anymore...

Thanks in advance, and regards.

Mon, 19 Dec 1994 11:30:37 GMT  
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