bitwise operations (try #2) 
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 bitwise operations (try #2)

> does REXX support bitwise operations?  For example, if the RESULT
> contains the following string (ascii string representation of HEX):

>     C1242C0002010001838000
> what is the correct way to test the low order bit of the second byte
> (First byte = C1; second byte = 24; etc.....)

> Thanks.

> Regards,
> Marigowda Divya

Maybe I didn't read this closely enough...
Hopefully you'll get the gist from the snippet below:

if bitand(substr(result,2,1),'01'x)='01'x then say "2nd byte low bit on"
else say "2nd byte low bit off"

Lockheed Martin
US EPA National Computer Center

Fri, 03 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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