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 MVS/ESA Rexx Compiler

We are evaluating several mainframe Rexx compilers and I would be interested
in any experiences, good or bad, which people may have had.  

The vendors are (so far):

1) Relational Architects International
   RLX for MVS

   This product includes REXX/VSAM interface, a software development kit and
   a Rexx compiler (AcceleREXX).

2) Open Software Technologies, Inc.

   This product seems to primarily address VSAM, SQL, and DB2 interfaces.  The
   compiler is almost an afterthought.

3) IBM

I am primarily interested in *SPEED*.  The VSAM interface is also a plus.

To save bandwidth, if you respond directly to me, I will summarize to the list.


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Mon, 07 Apr 1997 05:31:33 GMT  
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