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     well so it goes:  
     Managed to get regina from ftp rexx.uwaterloo.ca

     after that was able to uncompress it???????
     after this it  was  to BIG  for   the space  allowed
                so  clearly there must be a smaller package
                true it may be forbiden knowledge
                     I'm no regina writer
                         but maybe

Wed, 27 Aug 1997 04:36:59 GMT  
 |-|UB`s \/\/rex`s
: Keywords: \/\/
: :
:      well so it goes:  
                       Anyway 1: well I see, I follow me so clearly
I must be travling in  an endless (lengthly) circle. hmm? I know I
======================Anyway 2:================================
====  |-|UB`s
               So I was, still am in fact trying to get some
version of REXX up and running here (PSU) where my access derives.
     no    luck    but none expected really..
                   Todays blather will be about the opening lines
of some version of REXX   its for DOS  and remember I'm attempting
to get REXX installed on this Univerisities(???) UNIX  machine..
    Ok give this REXX I think its offically called PC88  which
I found listed as being free on one of the BBS's I call into so
I took advantage of it because it was there and it said   FREE.
   I dont wont to bog down into what language should cost.
Anyway 3: I'll clip off a snippet of that 88 and see what happens.
umm  snippin    well that didnt work  so later for this  I suppose
theres no way to atTach that 63.9K program to this message  hmm?
                             L8R                     |-|UB`s

Wed, 27 Aug 1997 23:58:45 GMT  
 |-|UB`s \/\/rex`s
REXXPC88 ?     I don't think that's free.   In fact, I think it might be
IBM Internal Use Only.    Or are you referring to something else ?

Frank Clarke
Chair, People's Revolutionary Front for the
      Reunification of Gondwanaland


Thu, 28 Aug 1997 12:33:05 GMT  
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