Controlling printer output via OS/2 Rexx 
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 Controlling printer output via OS/2 Rexx

Hello all,

  I have a Rexx program (VX-Rexx actually...) that produces a
form that I need to send to a printer.  I can do that part, but
the form contains characters above ASCII-128 that should print
as line-drawing characters - but they come out as symbols or
accented alphabetic characters.

  Is there a way to tell the printer driver what character set
and size to use that is independant of the specific printer
involved?  The output might be going to either a Laser Jet, a
Desk Jet, or a KXP-1624 (Panasonic dot-matrix).

  I've looked in a few add-on libraries for Rexx, but nothing
helpful so far.

  If I could just control the typeface and size, that would be
enough.  I can lose the line drawing characters if I have to.


Sat, 29 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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