Info about Rendering Interface to Digipaint 3 
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 Info about Rendering Interface to Digipaint 3

H2SO4    (Poisoning the line eater)

Hi again.  I asked a while back about how to use digipaint 3's rendering
interfaces (Dvla Dvlb).  The blurb in the manual is not at all
understandable (by me atleast).

The author of the paint program (Jamie Purdon) sent me mail once, and
suggested I look at the assembler source in the heystuff directory.

Still, I never got it working.  Infact, I crashed Digipaint3 several times

Jamie never replied to any of the messages I sent him. (Although I suspect
the messages took a detour in the twighlight zone, and WILL DEFINATELY
appear on the net (or some net) late in the 31st century :-)

All I need, is ONE example (Preferably Dvla), although I would LOVE 2 examples
of how to use it. (One Dvla one Dvlb).

The format of invocation the header comments in the assembly version list

1> HeyLine DigiPaint count#rgb line# r# g# b#  (r,g,b range 0..1023)

I try things like:

Heyline DigiPaint 1 1 1000 1000 1000
Heyline DigiPaint 0001 0001 0234 1011 0080
And in desparation:
Heyline Digipaint count1rgb line2 r1023 g1023 b1023

I'm no good at assembly, and can only get a hint of what the program does.

Please please please please please please someone, send me an example.

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Wed, 19 May 1993 00:38:00 GMT  
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