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 PING return code

:>I have a little rexx script that re-logs me into Novell Intranetware 4.11 if
:>the netowrk drives dispear at any time (a cron runs script every 5 minutes,
:>it's an unattended machine).  I want to make sure the Novell server is up
:>before trying to log in, so I figure if I can use PING and depending on
:>whether ping works it attempts to log in.  The way it is set now, it will
:>always keep trying to log in and will open tons on NWTools that don't close.
:>Any help will bea ppreciated, thanks

You have to load the socket util stuff for Rexx.... And I presume the Novell
box is running TCP/IP....

pingsite = ''
parse value ftpping(pingsite,1) with pingcode .
if datatype(pingcode,'N') then
        say pingsite 'is there'
        say pingsite 'is not there'


Sat, 10 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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