reading JES held output queue 
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 reading JES held output queue

This is a little exec I wrote the other day for a system without
SDSF access.  I should do what you require, probably more.

It prompts for the jobname, then gets every job with that name and
concatenates then (in job# order) to a single dataset.  A dividing
line is placed between each job's output.  You could then obviously
do an:

     Address ISPEXEC "EDIT DATASET(....)"  (or browse)

Or do this on individuals, select from table entries for individual
jobs etc.

Note that the output command used this way will also purge the job
from the queues.


/*  Rexx exec to save sysout  */

Say 'Enter jobname'
Parse Upper Pull jobname .

z = Outtrap(line.)
"ST" jobname
z = Outtrap('OFF')

"ALLOC F(OUT) DA('"mydsn"') MOD"  /* for archiving of all jobs  */

Do i = 1 to line.0
   Parse Var line.i . . job .

   "OUT" job "PRINT('"mytempdsn"')"  /* temp for single jobs  */

   "ALLOC F(IN) DA('"mytempdsn"') SHR"
   "FREE  F(IN)"

   tot = rec.0 + 1
   rec.tot = ' '
   tot = tot + 1
   rec.tot = Copies('-',132)

   "EXECIO" tot "DISKW OUT (STEM rec."




Peter McKellar

Sat, 13 Sep 1997 19:56:10 GMT  
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