Object REXX for Windows API and CALLBACK 
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 Object REXX for Windows API and CALLBACK

I want to use REXX as a scripting language for testing an application.  The
application has a well defined API.  I could write a REXX DLL to translate
RxString parameters to native formats and translate return codes to RxString
function values for most of the application's API.

However, I'm stumped by CALLBACK.

Obviously, I can't pass the application API the address of a REXX procedure.
I thought I could send a message to a REXX object.  However, I see no REXX
API function to do this. [my reference is the REXX API downloaded from IBM's
Object REXX homepage]

One possible implementation would be via a QUEUE.  There is a REXX API to
work with external QUEUEs.  I could set REXX ALARMs
to periodically check the QUEUE.  This does seem to lose the asynchronous
nature of a CALLBACK notification.

Am I missing something obvious?

It seems to me that if any vendor wanted to implement something like
VX-REXX or VisPro REXX in the Windows environment they might need
a CALLBACK facility.  [I would definitely buy a VX-REXX or VisPro REXX
for Object REXX for Windows or Quercus' Personal REXX for Windows ....
PowerSoft, Hockware, Quercus, or IBM listening?]

Al Sjogren

Sun, 29 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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