Need help launching external non rexx command using VXREXX (VIO support needed) in OS/2 
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 Need help launching external non rexx command using VXREXX (VIO support needed) in OS/2

Hi, new to the rexx language.  Need help with starting a VIO .CMD from
VX-Rexx using OS/2. Have tried to use the address cmd "start /win" command
ect..   BUT the key problem with this is that I need to change directories
once that window is open, the directory is not constant, and is inputed by
the user.  Is there a way to specify the directory within the start
command?and if so, inputed as a variable?

 I have tried to call a quick rexx program that runs under the start
command which changes the directory within the window, but then Rexx has
problems running the orginal command file that I need to run (gets a
chaining error).  Also have tried the VIOStart procedure (which uses a
RXQueue)  that is on Watcom's web page, but it didn't work.  Same chaining

Don't have time to rewrite the orginal cmd file to rexx (used as both
batch and a command file).

Hopefully someone can help.

Eric Bright

Mon, 13 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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