Comments on 2'nd REXX program requested 
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 Comments on 2'nd REXX program requested


I found that the method I used in the past to learn programming, namely
looking at other peoples code, does not seem to work with REXX.  I have
found very little other code to view.  I am hoping that you will look at
this effort and make suggestions on how to improve it.

This program was intended to work only under OS/2 2.x REXX.  
I call it TODAY.  I use it to list all of the files I have created during
the day, so that I can erase all of the many temporary files I seem to make
while working.

/* Checks for files with todays date                                         */
/* If found they are displayed                                               */
/* Note option '/s' to turn off subdirectory search                          */

/* Jim Tremain, 3 March 1993                                                 */

rc = RXFUNCQUERY(SysFileTree)   /* 0 if function available, 1 if unavailable */
IF rc = 1 THEN DO
   SAY 'Error, RxUtil function SysFileTree unavailable.  Today halted!'

PARSE ARG Directory '/' Option           /* get the Directory to be checked  */

   WHEN option = 'S' THEN Option = 'B'     /* DO not search subdirectories   */
   WHEN option = 's' THEN Option = 'B'
   WHEN option = ''  THEN Option = 'S'     /* search subdirectories          */
      SAY 'Syntax error!  Use TODAY path /s, where s stops subdirectory search'

Directory = STRIP(Directory)
IF Directory='' THEN Directory='*'

CALL SysFileTree Directory, 'file', Option          /* 32 bit memory is nice */
IF rc='2' THEN DO
   SAY 'Not enough memory.  TODAY halted!!'
else DO
/* CMD.EXE Does not seem to notice the country setting in config.sys         */
   ToDay = DATE('U')                                 /* USA style = mm/dd/yy */
/* STRIP leading 0 as it is not in the dates retrieved by SysFileTree        */
   today = STRIP(today,'L','0')                  
   DateNormal = DATE('N')
   SAY 'Files created today,' DateNormal'.'
   DO i=1 to file.0
      IF (WORDPOS(today, file.i) > 0) THEN DO
/* just in case someone has a directory that looks like a date make sure     */
/* this checks only the date area                                            */
         IF (WORDPOS(today, file.i) <3) THEN SAY file.i
   SAY 'Done.'

Thanks for your comments

Mon, 21 Aug 1995 00:52:20 GMT  
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