VxREXX--Drag n Drop Printing? 
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 VxREXX--Drag n Drop Printing?

I've been trying to do drag and drop printing in VxREXX, but it so far without
any success. The documentation is rather sparse on this issue, and I haven't
seen any example code.

I have a container that is populated with objects, each of which represents an
honest to goodness file. One of the field names is "Filename" and I also make
a point of setting the "Filename" attribute. I have a DragFile and a DragPrint
event set up. The DragPrint seems to work OK, as I can drag n drop onto EPM
or the desktop, etc. But when I drag an object to a printer object, one of
several things happens:

 1) The DragFile event occurs (which the documentation says will not happen).
 2) The applications crashes (on occasion locking up the machine or creating
odd problems with the WPS until I reboot).
 3) Only once have I seen the DragPrint occur, and that was followed by a
rather {*filter*} crash.

My DragPrint event (for the moment) is a do-nothing thingy that just
announces that the event occurred.

I've even tried creating a tiny application consisting of nothing but a
container that is populated via the FillFromDir method, but even there
I can't get it to work.

I assume I'm doing something wrong (or perhaps not doing something that
I should) and it's probably something extremely silly, but for the life of me
I can't imagine what it might be.

Can anyone point me to a working application (with source code!) which does
Drag n Drop Printing? Or does anyone have a suggestion for what silly thing
I'm doing that I shouldn't be?

Oh, yeah, I'm using version 2.1B (both C/S and SE). And I've tested under both
OS/2 2.11 and Warp.

James Troutman

Fri, 18 Jul 1997 05:14:32 GMT  
 VxREXX--Drag n Drop Printing?


>event set up. The DragPrint seems to work OK, as I can drag n drop onto EPM

Oop! That should have been "DragFile", of course...

James Troutman

Fri, 18 Jul 1997 05:56:27 GMT  
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