Rexx2Nrx vs 3.02 pre-release 7 
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 Rexx2Nrx vs 3.02 pre-release 7

Hello there,

   I have just uploaded (vs 3.02 pre 7)to my home page

   This version is a pre-release of the Rexx2Nrx 'Java Class Builder'

   It also expands the time-slice for the DEMO version again until
01.07.2002. Hence, if you get the message 'licence expired' please
download the new soft.

   I would really appreciate to get some 'beta test' sides now. I am
mostly testing the 'classic Rexx to NetRexx converter' with my own
Rexx stuff, but would appreciate to get some other test-sites and test
cases. As you know, everybody has his own 'style of coding ...'.

   If you are interested, pls. download the software and give me a mail
with your feed-back. Thanks in advance for your efforts.  

Thomas Schneider.

Sun, 28 Nov 2004 01:49:17 GMT  
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