Rexx2Nrx release 4.01 
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 Rexx2Nrx release 4.01

Hello there,

  I have just uploaded release 4.01 of the classic Rexx to NetRexx
converter to my home-page,

  The changes include:

   -  function 'random' (as specified for classic Rexx) now
   -  comments of the source program are now copied to the generated
      you may use option NOCOMMENT to discard comments
   -  in-line comments (prefixed by '--' as in Object-Rexx and
NetRexx) now supported
   -  improvements in the Rexx Parser (report correct line-number in
case of errors)
   -  option SOURCE puts the respective source-lines in the
intermediate code-file. This option is needful for debugging only (and
TRACE SOURCE, when this becomes implemented)
      (note that since 4.00 option NOSOURCE is the default)

  In case of troubles or ideas for improvements please send a mail to

best regards from sunny Vienna, Tom.

Sun, 24 Jul 2005 18:12:54 GMT  
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