Calling dos program from OS2 REXX 
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 Calling dos program from OS2 REXX

Mike's idea is also good for synchronizing a DOS program with an OS/2 Rexx
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Subject: Re: Calling dos program from OS2 REXX

Date:    4/13/95 4:45 AM

>HI -- my gateway ate your name, but....

>in the rexx, this will kick off an asynchronous thread, and the rexx will go
>about its business without waiting for the "dir" to complete.  Probably not
>you want.

This is a little off the original question, but...I found a really neat trick
executing commands (DOS or OS/2) in an asynchronous thread where the caller
is able to determine when the command has completed.  Pipe the output to
a file, such as <command>.OUT.  Wait a few seconds (depending upon the
command or program you are executing), then start trying to open the output
file periodically.  When the file can be opened, the command has completed.
The STDOUT output is now in the file (you can also redirect STDERR here).
This is especially useful for checking for completion codes in user-written
programs.  I used it to automate scheduling of a Microfocus COBOL jobstream
on an OS/2 server - from CA7 on the mainframe!

Here's an example:

/* REXX */

..<housekeeping junk>...

Call SysSleep 5
 Call SysSleep 5

Do While Lines("MYPROG.OUT")=1
 When... conditional checking of output messages

/ Mike O'Brien
/ Senior Consultant
/ Legent Corporation

Mon, 29 Sep 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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