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ok 1: the only thing I am discussings FREE  spelled 46 52 45 45
ok 2: once upon a time, long long ago, I    downloaded PC88REXX
ok 3: I may be wrong about this but that    64K byte was free
ok 4: and so I used it and descussed it     like this
\  5: then, Years and Years later      I    saw regina
\  6: She also was labled free..            so I tried ` ER
\  7: She came and "said"  you need        'THE' & ah some other
\  8: So I bit and I byte, but no real      insight, only blight

ALLRIGHT A: ommitted what can I 'say'
ALLRIGHT B: I saw a B, it too was free?
ALLRIGHT C: Can't say I'm sure it was a blur B.
ALLRIGHT D: Dont know why I should buy       D;
\        E: ever wonder why, there are no words to try?
\        f. like say 'you forgot 9! put 8 in wrong line'
                      you forgot 9! put 8 in wrong line
                     'forgot to mention zero'
                     'you can't be a hero   '   heroN hub

Sat, 13 Sep 1997 00:32:43 GMT  
 |-|UB`s xxER

                     >>ALLRIGHT A:<<

Enjoyed your post.  A real breath of fresh air.  Keep 'em coming.

(this one was more poetic than some in the past).

- Peter

Sat, 13 Sep 1997 17:05:10 GMT  
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