Help about IND$FILE transfer files ...? 
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 Help about IND$FILE transfer files ...?

Hi all..  :)  ..

I'm learning the language REXX in VM/ESA ... I write this mail because I want
to know how I can tranfer files from VM to PC wiht program in REXX using the
IND$FILE ....?

I connect to the host wiht Modem Motorola 19200 bps .. with the program
FTTERM of IBM for DOS ...  The way for transfer files from VM/ESA to PC
with FTTERM is very EASY .. :)  ... but I want to learn how make one Program
in  REXX what tranfer files form VM to PC running the program in VM

For instance, I want to run one program with name could be --> downfile
and download the file to PC .


Mon, 30 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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