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 Vispro Rexx vs VX - Rexx




>I'm looking for a rexx compiler and would like comparisons
>of Vispro Rexx vs VX - Rexx. I have no experience with either
>of them so can anyone give me an advise on which one to buy
>based on the following requirements :

I have HOCKWARE's VisproRexx Bronze.

>- Need standalone royaltee free executables of my existing
>- These scripts make use of the DB2 rexx interface and have to work
>- after compilation.

VPR will work with any third party function library.

>- The scripts call other scripts and this should still work after

They will.

>Actually i need a compiler that will compile any existing rexx
>without me having to change the code.

You have the option to build a self contained app (no additional vpr
runtime needed) or a small version that requires the runtime files.
can compile your scripts in a standard mode that can be read with a
simple text editior or encrypt it or even compile it into

>Nice features would be :

>- Visual programing environement a la Visual Age

Not quite that nice. But the drag-and-drop programming is terrific!

>- Good libraries for socket, namedpipe, ipc

It's all available "third party!"

>- Small en fast executables 8).

Well, eventhough the scripts are compiled, it's STILL run like a rexx
script. That is, through an interpreter...


>Any advice would be greately appreciated, please send cc to email
>address aswell.

My advice is...  If it's visual and rexx, you HAVE to go VisproRexx.
But don't bother buying the Bronze version, you'll soon outgrow it
desire the extra features of the Gold version. Go GOLD.




Sun, 09 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 Vispro Rexx vs VX - Rexx

VX-Rexx had about about same functionality as VisPro, but since Watcom
got bought out they have ceased development......go with VisPro now.

I used VX-RExx a lot and liked it pretty well, but the above is
overriding in my opinion for new purchase.....

Duane Bozarth

Sun, 09 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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