REXX and RxSOCK socket programming - goserv.txt [01/01] 
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 REXX and RxSOCK socket programming - goserv.txt [01/01]

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we have a problem at our site  and we thought to address this to you.
at our site there is no one with knowledge with Rxsock or socket programming.
however we are in need of a routing socket.
our installation has only ONE authorised account on the proxy gateway. we
have however several users who need access to via this account to the internet.

problem: using the Goserve as 1. a server when a requset is setup from an
"UNAUTHORISED client" and 2. that goserve (or any other gopher type server)
becomes it self a "AUTHORISED client" to the proxy to access the internet.this
socket API must keep track of which "NONAUTHORISED client" setup the request
to route replys back from the proxy gateway to this particluar client.

the reason for this is that a decentralised administration must be
implemented at this large government agency( with one authorised account per
local site) and that all accounting and tight auditig will and need be
carried out locally.
can you of assistance with help in programming a socket with RxSock, or whom do i have to contact who would take up this problem as a challenge.
in short the socket would :

       CLIENT'S------> GoServe -----------> PROXY Gateway ------> INTERNET
  auth:    NO            OVER PROXY         YES
                      (socket here in
       (many clients)  this client is       firewall allowing
                       authorised at the    access to internet

we had contact with mike cawlishaw(Goserve), however is is now not in a
position to of assistance and this is for him a low priority update to goserve.
any other experts or help in this direction will be most appricated.
thanking you in advance for you services.
how do i go about psoting future requests such as these on the relavent forums?

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BFI RZ BV, EDV Betriebe

Tel:+41 +31 325 9440(G);+41 +31 331 3225(P);+41 +31 325 9375(Fax)

Sun, 19 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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