Some OBJRexx Questions 
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 Some OBJRexx Questions

I am writing a large application using ObjREXX & OODialog under W98.  It has
now reached about 8500 lines.

I just have a couple of questions.

1) Where are .environment objects stored?
I have become fond of these as an easy way to store constants & database
handles.  Where in memory are they stored?  Do I need to worry about the
size of my user's 'environment' (remember from DOS)?

2) Is it better to keep classes seperate - Discuss?
Whenever I have need of a child dialog I have put it in a seperate  REXX
program called from the main one.  This has avoided a monlithic piece of
code, but perhaps it slows down execution?  I'd be interested in comments
about efficiency & style.

best wishes,

Jon Wolfers

Sun, 10 Apr 2005 19:20:37 GMT  
 Some OBJRexx Questions


> 1) Where are .environment objects stored?

Think of memory management this way, and if I have a detail wrong, maybe someone from IBM is lurking about.

If the object can be seen by multiple instances of rexx.exe (.global for example) then RxAPI.EXE allocates the memory.

If it is local to the one program, then the instance of rexx.exe allocates the memory.

I allocate several hundred meg of RAM in local memory - I have not used .global for anything yet.

> 2) Is it better to keep classes seperate - Discuss?

Well, I would not go to the extream that VisualAge did where all that is in the main is code to create an object, and "try" the main method of that instance of the class created.... I like a bit of code in the main program.

Maybe you should review what open source class based code is out there. The ORexxSQL library comes to mind - I have lots to learn from that library - error handling for example. I too have a class library - LDSTextFile is maybe more of a true class where each instance represents a text file on disk, handles the memory management as well as the business logic. Other classes in the library are really just function libraries. I keep as much of the code as possible outside of the main rexx file so that I can fix bugs in a single location. That was one of the two main goals I had - get the code in shared files!

Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems

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Mon, 11 Apr 2005 08:32:21 GMT  
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