Detecting OS/2 System Useage 
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 Detecting OS/2 System Useage


I'm trying to make a script that can differentiate when I am using the
computer or not.
Basically I want the script to dial my ISP, retreive my mail and hangup
only when I am not at the system.
The dialing retreiving and{*filter*} up part of the script I can manage,
but I'm stumped as how to differentiate weather or not the machine is
in use or not. When the machine isn't in use, it is in DPMS energy savings
mode (well the monitor is asleep, the CPU, and harddrives are still given
100% of their resources).
Optimally, a program that can detect weather or not the computer is
in DPMS mode and pipe it's output to the RXQUEUE would work nice.

Darryl Teichroeb [TEAM OS/2]

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Tue, 24 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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