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 Rexx in NetRexx ? (was Re: NetRexx


>In my view, NetRexx is a bit silly. It's nothing but a syntactic layer
>between the programmer and the Java-compiler. Sure, Java resembles
>C and C++ from a syntactic point of view.... but it's really much
>simpler. There is no need for tricks to hide the real language with
>a Rexx look-a-like.

Saying that it's "nothing but a syntactic layer" seems to imply that
syntax is irrelevant; it isn't. A competent programmer will produce
a good program in any language, if forced to, but this does not mean
that all syntaxes are the same. To me NetRexx has proven extremely
useful, because it has a very clear syntax and allows me to
write programs much faster.

Then another advantage of NetRexx is that it hides the details of
strong typing and native datatypes unless they are necessary.
Ten years ago, when the language wars were still current,
I dreamed of a hybrid language in which I could first prototype
in something like Rexx, and then refine my program by introducing
explicit declarations a la Pascal where they would improve
on performance or data representation. NetRexx is just that.

Finally, NetRexx has the 'Rexx' class, which allows you to
overcome the limitations of strong data typing by providing
a 'natural' datatype which is suitable for many applications.

Jose Maria Blasco
Escola d'Idiomes Moderns
Universitat de Barcelona

Sat, 31 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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