Vx-Rexx Containers And Visibi 
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 Vx-Rexx Containers And Visibi

Again I'd like to know une things on the containers.

If I set SELECTED a ListBox "record" and that record is NOT in the
visible part of the LB, it is automatically scrolled so that the
user can watch at the selected record.

Well, this DOES NOT HAPPEN to containers. In my program it should
be extremely usefull a container instead of a simple ListBox, BUT
HOW can I emulate the selected record in a listbox behaviour ????

Thanks (REALLY) a lot in advance.

S.I.A.E.  (Societa' Italiana Autori Editori)
S.S.I.    (Servizio Sistemi Informativi)

P.S. Anyway I already ordered VX-Rexx 2.1 let's hope in it :-)

Thu, 06 Feb 1997 00:09:07 GMT  
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