Scrolling ListBoxes in VX-Rexx 
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 Scrolling ListBoxes in VX-Rexx

Hello All !

Somebody wanted to know, how to scroll a Listbox to a given index
/*:VRX */
LB_SetTopIndex: Procedure
 Parse Arg Hwnd,Index
 if (Datatype(Index) \= "NUM") then return 0
 index = index -1*(index>0)
 ok = VRMethod("Screen","WinSendMsg",Hwnd,"0x0162",Index,0 )
return ok


Call it with the Window - Handle and the index of the item in the ListBox
Have fun

--=={Regards Heinz Mueller [Team OS/2 int.]}==--

Fri, 05 Sep 1997 02:35:03 GMT  
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