njPipes 0.41 released 
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 njPipes 0.41 released


I have just released version 0.41 of njPipes, my unoffical port of the CMS/TSO
Pipeline product to netrexx and java.  This is a performance and bug fix release.
I have about finished this round of optimizations.  Next on the list is to add
support to extract pipes from java source.  This will allow a java programmer
to leverage NetRexx and njPipes with just pipes knowledge.

I have also enhanced the faq.txt file in the njPipes directory.  Feel free to
feed me questions to add to the faq.

If you are upgrading njPipes be sure to check the changes docuementation.  Version
0.38 requires any local stages to be recompiled and verion 0.40 requires all your
pipes to be recompiled too.  All this recompiling yields faster starting and stoping
of pipes.  This is important for tcp support or if you use pipes in loops.


Montreal, Canada

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Fri, 09 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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