Rexx2Nrx release 3.01 run-time package - documentation update 
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 Rexx2Nrx release 3.01 run-time package - documentation update

I do hope I did now manage to subscribe comp.lang.rexx. Took some
time, sorry ...

Just a short note that the ONLINE documentation of the Rexx2Nrx
RUN-time package has now been updated for release 3.01. You may view
it at Click at RunTimeDocu.

Also, the Overview of Rexx2Nrx (The Classic Rexx to NetRexx Converter)
I gave at the Rexx LA meeting this month is now available on my home
page (click at 'Overview'). This overview is a
Powerpoint presentation (.pps file).

If you encounter problems, or have questions, please send a mail to

thanks in advance,

Thomas Schneider

Sat, 30 Oct 2004 00:51:54 GMT  
 Rexx2Nrx release 3.01 run-time package - documentation update
the final release of Rexx2Nrx vs 3.01 (The classic Rexx to NetRexx
version 3.01) has been uploaded this weekend to my home-page


   The major new step is that you may now start to translate EXTERNAL
PACKAGES (formerly %INCLUDED in your main program using the IBM REXX
compiler) BOTTOM UP (from the bottom to the roots).

   In order to do so, please remind, that you have to store all of
your classic REXX source code of your application in question (your
PACKAGE) in a single directory of your choice to use this feature.

   You should first preprocess (Rexx2Nrx) your classic REXX main
programs once, and then, in turn, convert your sub-packages bottom up.
The preliminary translation of the main programs is needed to get
proper typing of your variables. Otherwise, as NetRexx has no TRUE and
FALSE constants, all 'booleans' will be declared as 'Rexx' (not too
smart ...).

For any questions or problems,  please give me a mail.

I am now going to implement the 'Rexx2Nrx Class Builder', as promised.

Look at  /Overview/ for details. I am expecting to
have the
'Rexx2Nrx Class Builder' (Rexx2Nrx release 3.02) ready end of June
this year.

Any comments or hints how to solve the open issues will be welcome.

best regards from sunny Vienna,
Thomas Schneider

Wed, 03 Nov 2004 00:42:12 GMT  
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