regina rexx for win32 - event logging / message DLL question 
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 regina rexx for win32 - event logging / message DLL question

i am trying to write events to the event log from a rexx script.  i
created a message table and used the mc.exe program to create a .rc
file. i imported the .rc file into a vc++ project and created a resource
only dll. i registered the dll for the rexx script in

when i use the Win32 function w32WriteEventLog supplied for Regina Rexx,
the event writes to the Application log however, the message table isnt
does anyone have any advice on what i am doing wrong? has anyone been
successful creating a message.dll and using it to log events from a rexx
any step by step instructions, code examples or advice would be greatly

thanks in advance
trina blazek
nyce corporation

Fri, 23 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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