VX-REXX Listbox object questions 
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 VX-REXX Listbox object questions

I just started working with VX-REXX, and to get acquainted I am trying
to develop a program that will read a uqwk-generated summary file of
article subject headers from Usenet newsgroups.  My basic plan is to
read a selected text file into separate compound variables: one for a
list of newsgroup names, and a separate array for each newsgroup holding
the article subjects and item numbers.  Then, I display the newsgroup
names in a DropDownComboBox and, when a group is selected, display the
subject headers in a listbox, so the user can select the articles to
download on his/her next run of uqwk.

I have gotten that far, I'm now trying to add some bells and
whistles and I have run into some questions for which the answers are
not readily apparent in the VX-REXX manual or the on-line reference.

[1] I want to be able to search the listbox contents for a specified
string, then move the line with the found string to the middle of the
list display. I have figured out how to do the find, getting the
position index of the found line; and I can select that line; but I
can't figure out how to move the displayed position so that the found
line is onscreen, much less centered. (In fact, more generally, are
there any functions available to control the part of the list that is

[2] Is there any direct way to select _all_ the lines in the
listbox? I have done it using the SetSelectedList method, using a
compound variable that references all the lines in sequence; but it
seems as if there should be a simple "select all lines" method.

[3] I have a group of buttons for "Select All", "UnSelect All", "Find",
etc.  I would like to disable them when there is no list displayed, when
the user is selecting a new newsgroup, etc., then enable them when it's
time to select subject lines in the list box.  I have tried using the
GotFocus and LostFocus events attached to the listbox, but it doesn't
produce the results that I want. For example, it disables all the
buttons whenever I click on any one of them, but it doesn't disable them
when the focus is on the DropDownComboBox.

Anyone have any ideas, helpful hints, advice, etc.?  Thanks.

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Wed, 17 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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