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        I have recently converted from VX to VISPRO and aside from any
Support Issues, here's what I have learned.

1) VXREXX is easier to learn for the NOVICE programer.

2) VXREXX is Quicker to develop with, it has more built in coding functions.

3) VISPRO is more versitile, use the OS/2 TOOLKIT documentation to use the
VISPRO SENDMSG function. (It works but it isn't the easiest)

4) VISPRO builds faster Executables.

5) Distributions are smaller without VROBJ.DLL

6) VISPRO's conversion utility works "sometimes" at best

        I have programed in REXX for four years, and used VXREXX
for three Years. I am not the greatest or even close, these are just my thoughts!

    David E. Wald
    Black Pine Development

Sat, 03 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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