Remote Microscope 1.0a3 released 
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 Remote Microscope 1.0a3 released

The latest release of the remote microscope software, version
1.0alpha3, is now available in source code form.  The code has been
running on CNRI's demo microscope for a few weeks, and I've been
pleased with the results; the server seems to be much more reliable
than 1.0a2, and people have liked the new Z-axis control.

The only significant new feature in this release is that you can now
control the Z-axis from the client, in order to manually focus an
image when the autofocus produces a blurry result.  There's also a
host of minor fixes and improvements; most notably, various bugs were
found that made the server hang indefinitely.  These bugs have been
fixed, and consequently the 1.0alpha3 server is a lot more stable than

Remote microscope home page:
List of changes:

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