PySQLite 0.4.2 released 
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 PySQLite 0.4.2 released

What is PySQLite?

It's a Python-DB API 2.0 compliant extension module that uses the SQLite
embedded SQL database. No external SQL server required. It's home is at

Release impact:

Unfortunately, I made a mistake while packacking the tarball for 0.4.1, so
that the 0.4.1 tarball didn't actually contain all the fixes that got into
0.4.1, but contained older revisions of the various files instead. So now
is a good time to upgrade if you are interested in the many bugfixes that
went into 0.4.1 :-)

As no new bugs were reported since 0.4.1, I consider the PySQLite API and the
software itself stable now. Consider the "beta" label lifted.

Of course, no new release without new goodies. Because it's already quite late
I'll just paste the raw changelog (created using cvs2cl):

2003-06-03 03:10  ghaering

    * sqlite/ (1.16, REL_0_4_2):


2003-06-03 03:08  ghaering

    * _sqlite.c (1.32), sqlite/ (1.26) (utags: REL_0_4_2):

        - Added SQL command logging. Use a file-like object for the
          command_logfile parameter in your connect() call.

        - Added an optional timeout parameter for the connect() call. You
          can set a timeout value in milliseconds using the 'timout'
          parameter now.  See the documentation for
          _sqlite.sqlite_busy_timeout for details.

2003-06-03 02:38  ghaering

    * (1.19, REL_0_4_2):

    - Rename package from "sqlite-python" to "pysqlite".
    - Support for the python Package Index (PyPI).

2003-06-03 02:33  ghaering

    * test/: (1.8), (1.14),
    (1.1), (1.8), (1.6), (1.1), (1.4),
    (1.8), (1.8) (utags: REL_0_4_2):

        - Support for running test cases in in-memory databases, if the
          SQLite version is current enough.

        - New test cases for SQL command logging.

2003-06-03 02:30  ghaering

    * debian/changelog (1.7, REL_0_4_2):


2003-05-30 17:15  ghaering

    * (1.18), sqlite/ (1.25), test/ (1.13),
    test/ (1.7):

        - Defer transaction start to first call of execute(). This should
          make PySQLite a little more suitable for certain multi-user
          environments. For these people who think SQLite is a good tool
          for this job, anyway.
        - Allow the usage of %i and %f instead of %s for int/long/float in
          quoting.  I don't think that this is a good idea. But certain
          people like this form better. As %s still works that way, support
          both styles.
        - Support __quote__ as a custom quote method for compatibility with
          pyPgSQL and psycopg. _quote is now deprecated.
    - Test cases for all of these.

2003-04-10 16:24  owensmk

    * examples/calflora/ (1.5, REL_0_4_2):

    - Fixed typo in variance.

2003-04-01 03:30  ghaering

    * _sqlite.c (1.31), sqlite/ (1.15), sqlite/
    (1.24), test/ (1.6):

        - Dropped DATETIME type code, added support for INTERVAL type
        - Added support for automatic conversion from
          DATE/TIME/TIMESTAMP/INTERVAL columns, without the need to use the
          "-- types" magic SQL comment
        - Added tests for this automatic conversion and enabled and made
          the tests for the SQLite type support actually work

2003-03-23 21:32  jrosdahl

    * debian/: changelog (1.6), control (1.3, REL_0_4_2), copyright
    (1.3, REL_0_4_2), rules (1.2, REL_0_4_2):

        Updated Debian package files to match those in Debian package
        python-sqlite 0.4.1-2.

2003-03-21 12:42  ghaering

    * _sqlite.c (1.30):

        Use staticforward instead of static as a workaround for broken
        compilers like MSVC6 that can't statically forward-declare arrays.

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