Maxtal Interscript (Python/Tcl lit. progr.), PyTcl (tkinter repl.) 
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 Maxtal Interscript (Python/Tcl lit. progr.), PyTcl (tkinter repl.)

1. Maxtal Software Resource

I'm pleased to announce my 'birthday present' to the
programming community, the first release of Maxtal
Interscript, test version 1.0a1, and some other related

Maxtal Interscript is a programming environment with a
strong emphasis on documentation and scripting.

Whereas traditional literate programming tools embed
code in documentation, and provide a limited, static,
command language, Maxtal Interscript supports a third
kind of text: it uses executable script as a command

2. Maxtal Interscript [iscr.pak]

2.1. Command Languages

The current release supports two command languages,
python, and tcl. python support is complete,
Interscript 1.0a1 itself is written in Python. Support
for Tcl is not complete, but is enough to provide basic
documentation constructions. Support for Perl as a
command language is under consideration.

2.2. Weavers

Interscript 1.0a1 has four built in weavers: plain
text, latex2e, single page html, and stacked html. A
postscript weaver is planned. Weavers for other
typesetting systems are under consideration. Users can
'plug in' third party weavers, write their own, or
derive new weavers from the standard ones.

2.3. Tanglers

Interscript 1.0a1 comes with several built in tanglers.
There is a tangler for plain data, and specialised
tanglers for python, C, C++, perl and interscript. The
perl tangler supports perl's POD.

2.4. Requirements

You will require Python 1.5 or better.

To support the Tcl command option, you will need PyTcl
(see below) To support the GUI interface, you will
require the tcl command option and Tk 8.0.

3. Compiler package [compiler.pak]

Interscript has a standard interface to C and C++ which
permits run-time generation, compilation, dynamic
loading, and execution of C or C++ code configured
either as a Python module or stand-alone application.

The current sources contain a sample compiler package
which should operate correctly on a RedHat Linux 5 box.
Adaption to local site requirements on other Unix sites
should be trivial.

I'm trying to build a Windows compiler module, but help
is required (where's Python.lib??)

4. Diff/Patch module [diff.pak]

An experimental diff/patch module is available which
should work out of the box under Unix or other systems
supporting diff and patch commands. This module will be
used to support version control and differential file
updates. (Help required for Windows version)

5. Protocol module [protocol.pak]

An attempt to standardise the notion of python

6. PyTcl [_pytcl.pak]

A low level dynamically loadable Python compatible C
API _pytcl allows access to the Tcl 8.0 C API. Designed
to replace _tkinter. Includes fully object oriented
object system supporting dynamic multi-methods and
delegation. Compatibility module to allow
Tkinter use with _pytcl.

You will require Tcl 8.0 and a C++ compiler, or a
prebuilt binary of the _pytcl dynamic load library.

You will also require the Tcl/Tk manual pages in HTML
format prepared by Entropy Liberation Front, You need tcl8.0-tk8.0-man-html.tar.gz
installed as the directory tcl8.0-tk8.0-man-html to
generate the reference manual and to allow hypertext
links to it to point to the right place.

7. More Information

More information, demos, documentation, plans, and
download instructions can be found at
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~skaller/interscript

The 'I dont read instructions' download instructions
are: create an image of: on your
system. (Use ascii ftp under Windows). Run
../boot1/ against iscr.pak in the boot2
directory. Run (the generated) against

  cd boot2
  python ../boot1/ iscr.pak
  python iscr.pak
Run --help for help with options. Read the
generated documentation! (All four weavers are invoked
automatically) For other packages, such as 'dm.pak':

  python --weaver=web dm.pak
The subdirectory boot1 contains the bootstrap version
of interscript, It will (currently) run off
the shelf without support. The subdirectory boot2
contains all the Maxtal Interscript sources for all the
other packages. [There is no 'documentation': you have
to generate it.]

PyTcl also needs the tcl/tk manual (see above).

information, help, comments, or contributions.

WARNING: the web site is under contstruction. The
software is under construction. Experimental! (But
isn't all software :-)

WARNING: the sources come to about 650K at present. The
FTP site has a 5 user limit and is probably slow. If
things go well, will mirror selected

7.1. Licence

All Maxtal software is copyright and released for any
use. Some third party software is included and subject
to the original licence of that software. Consult the
sources for precise details on each such package. I
have tried to ensure original authors are credit in all

Daniel Robbins dm module is free for any non-spam use.

The Grammar module was adapted from PyLR by

The list of the whole Perl module library was taken
from the sources on my RedHat Linux 5 box, and is free
for any non-commercial use. See for more

Modified versions of Python library components are free
for any use provided the copyright notices are

  John Skaller

  Maxtal P/L, Australia
  19th July, 1998.

John Max Skaller                ph:61-2-96600850              

http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~skaller  Glebe 2037 NSW AUSTRALIA

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