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 logilab.aspects 0.1.2

What's new?
2003-06-18  --  0.1.2
    * first public release

What is logilab.aspects?

logilab.aspects is a python package that enables Aspect Oriented
Programming in Python. For now, it provides a set of ready-to-use
aspects, and an easy way to create your own aspects. The current
possibilities are still a bit limited, but it will soon provide a more
exhaustive way to define and use more complex aspects.

The aspects module contains some useful aspects such as:

 * LoggerAspect:  trace all method calls.
 * ContractAspect: contracts can be seen as a sub-part of aspects,
   and this particular aspect will allow you to use contracts in
   Python. We have choosen to consider contracts definitions as a part
   of documentation. The conditions are thus specified in method and
   modules docstrings.
 * ProfilerAspect:  simple method profiler
 * DispatcherAspect: enable multimethods
 * ConfirmationAspect: ask confirmation before an operation
 * ObserverAspect: aspect implementation of the Observer Design Pattern

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