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 cx_Oracle mailing list

A new mailing list has been set up for users of cx_Oracle, a python
extension for accessing Oracle that conforms to the Python database
interface API. Please send questions/bug reports and so forth to this
mailing list rather than directly to me (although I'll certainly
continue to respond to e-mails sent directly to me, others might benefit
from the question and the answer). If you wish to subscribe, use the
following address


Since the mailing list is hosted at SourceForge, you can also go to

to get information about the project.

Anthony Tuininga

Distinctive Software. Real People.
Suite 200, 10216 - 124 Street NW
Edmonton, AB, Canada  T5N 4A3
Phone:  (780) 454-3700
Fax:    (780) 454-3838

Mon, 12 Dec 2005 00:23:13 GMT  
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