mxODBC Package - Version 0.8.0 
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 mxODBC Package - Version 0.8.0


                      mxODBC Version 0.8.0

          A python extension package providing a generic
                interface to ODBC 2.0 API compliant                    
                    database drivers or managers


mxODBC is an extension package that provides a Python Database
API compliant interface to ODBC 2.0 capable database drivers
and managers. In addition to the capabilities provided through
the standard API it also provides a rich set of catalog methods
that allow you to scan the database for tables, procedures, etc.
Furthermore, it uses the mxDateTime package for date/time value
interfacing eliminating most of the problems these types normally
introduce (other in/output formats are available too).


The 0.8.0 version was redesigned to be multi-database enabled. This
means that you can access and work with several databases at the
same time, e.g. to copy data from one database to another, reformatting
it along the way. The new package structure also makes pre-configured
setups possible. Included are setups for SuSE ADABAS, MySQL and
Solid Server. These should run out of the box (after some minor
path adjustments).

I'm still looking for setups: most wanted are Oracle, MS ODBC
Manager and DB/2.


The full documentation, copyright information and instructions for
downloading and installing can be found at:

        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~lemburg/mxODBC.html

The mxDateTime package needed for mxODBC can be found at:

        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~lemburg/mxDateTime.html


If you want to redistribute the package for commercial use, you'll
have to get my permission first. Any other usage is free.

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