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 Pmw megawidgets 0.7

Pmw megawidgets

                          Version 0.7

A new release of Pmw is out.  The main changes in this release are:

  - Fixed dynamic loader so that it works on Macintoshes.
  - Now works correctly with dynamically loaded Blt, if present.
  - Added Pmw.ScrolledFrame megawidget.
  - Improved flexibility of Pmw.EntryField validation and
    Pmw.Counter counting, particularly real, time and date datatypes.  
  - Pmw.EntryField can now be subclassed properly and extra
    validators added.
  - Added minimum and maximum range checking to Pmw.EntryField validation.
  - Added bin/ script to help when freezing Pmw.
  - Pmw.MenuBar now handles cascade menus and automatically generates
    hotkeys for keyboard menu traversal.
  - Added a contrib directory, containing contributed megawidgets.
  - Lots of other bug fixes and additional functionality.

For more information on Pmw, see the home page at
and click on the link to the latest version.

You can fetch the entire distribution from

If you have any comments, enhancements or new contributions, please


For those that do not know about Pmw, here is an extract from the

    Pmw is a framework for building high-level compound widgets, or
    megawidgets, constructed using other widgets as component parts.
    It promotes consistent look and feel within and between graphical
    applications, is highly configurable to your needs and is easy to

    Pmw consists of:

         A few base classes, providing a framework for building

         A library of flexible and extensible megawidgets built on the
         base classes, such as ButtonBox, ComboBox, MessageDialog,

         A lazy importer/dynamic loader which is automatically invoked
         when Pmw is first imported.  This gives unified access to all
         Pmw classes and functions though the "Pmw." prefix.  It also
         speeds up module loading time by only importing Pmw
         sub-modules when needed.

         Reference documentation, consisting of complete listings of
         megawidget options, methods and components.  Full
         descriptions are also available for all the base classes and
         several other megawidget classes.  Descriptions of the other
         megawidgets will be released soon.

         A test framework and tests for both the Tkinter module and
         all the Pmw megawidgets.

         A slick demonstration of the megawidgets.

         An interface to the BLT busy, graph and vector commands.

    The interface to Pmw megawidgets is similar to basic Tk widgets,
    so it is easy for developers to include both megawidgets and basic
    Tk widgets in their graphical applications.  In addition, all Pmw
    megawidgets may themselves be extended, using either inheritance
    or composition.

    The use of the Pmw framework and megawidgets replaces common
    widget combinations with higher level abstractions.  This
    simplifies code, making it more readable and maintainable and more
    easily modifiable.  The ability to extend Pmw megawidgets enables
    developers to create new megawidgets based on previous work.

Greg McFarlane

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