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 PyXMMS and PyXMMS-remote



PyXMMS is a set of python bindings for all the xmms_remote* functions of
the libxmms library, plus some higher-level functions. It can be used to
control XMMS (a free multimedia player for X-Window) from a Python

PyXMMS-remote is an command-line interface to PyXMMS (written in
Python). It can be used to do quite a lot of things with an XMMS session
from the command-line.


1) With PyXMMS, you can tell the XMMS session 2 to start playing with

     import xmms                        # This is PyXMMS

   With PyXMMS-remote, the same thing is accomplished (from your shell)
   with the command:

     pyxmms-remote -s 2 play

2) With PyXMMS, you can write the following call:

                         ("file1.mp3", "file2.ogg", " http://www.*-*-*.com/ "),
                         "xmms", 0)

     - look if the XMMS session 0 is running and launch XMMS in
       the background if not (by the way, the two last arguments are
       optional and could be ommitted here);
     - add the three audio streams specified to the playlist;
     - tell the XMMS session 0 to start playing from file1.mp3

  With PyXMMS-remote, you can achieve the same thing with:

     pyxmms-remote E file1.mp3 file2.ogg http://www.*-*-*.com/

  (yes, if you are {*filter*}ic, you can also use the not-so-short
   command name enqueue_and_play_launch_if_session_not_started; you can
   also specify the session to act on and the XMMS executable name)

  This command is handy to use with file managers and MIME-aware

There are currently 58 commands defined in PyXMMS-remote (as there are
about the same number of functions in PyXMMS).


PyXMMS and PyXMMS-remote are well documented. You can browse these
documentations on their home page (see below) or (for PyXMMS) using


PyXMMS and PyXMMS-remote are licensed under the GNU GPL.


PyXMMS and PyXMMS-remote have been tested with Python 2.1 and 2.2 and
should work on earlier versions with no or very few modifications.


You will find everything about these programs on:

  < http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~flo/index.en.html#PyXMMS_and_PyXMMS-remote>

Have fun.


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