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 LLNLPython1 release

On ftp://ftp-icf.llnl.gov/pub/python please find file LLNLPython1.tgz. This
is a gzipped-tarball which contains all the source files for python
extensions currently maintained by LLNL. This includes Numerical, RNG,
PyHistory, PyPDB, and the LLNL graphics suite based on Gist.

Package RNG has been improved to add a log-normal distribution and to port
it to the Mac. A binary installer for Windows 95/NT is available as

Numerical has been ported to the Mac and has some minor bug fixes. It is not
quite ready for release 1.2 as I am still hunting for some obscure bugs and
have other things I want to do first, but you are welcome to use this
version at your own risk if you know how to build from source.

CXX is included and is currently somewhere past alpha 6 but also not an
official release.

I have done this rather than wait until everything was "perfect" as the
difficulty in downloading the Current_release.tgz file is prohibitive from
far away. I thought everyone would be better off having just our
distribution files, now separate from the Python distribution.
Current_release.tgz will be removed when I make the next release. I will
number these releases LLNLPython1, 2, etc.

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Sun, 12 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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