Grail 0.6 is released! 
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 Grail 0.6 is released!

  Grail is the Internet browser written in 100% Pure Python.  A minor
  revision is being released today to provide some bug fixes and minor
  feature enhancements.

  There is also a new license, which allows for derivative projects!
  This is a good thing, because of the following announcement:

  Grail was originally developed as a proof-of-concept and has been
  used as a demonstration tool in our research efforts here at
  CNRI. It was never intended for use as a replacement for the
  "mainstream" browsers. There have been many users interested in
  using Grail as a primary browser, but we simply are not able to
  allocate the resources necessary to develop support for current Web
  standards (or bring our table implementation up to snuff!). We
  regret that we are dropping the project while there are still
  interested users.

  Version 0.6 sports a new license which allows derivative projects to
  pick up where we left off. We are willing to provide some assistance
  with transfering the technology to another party interested in
  following up on the Grail browser.

  New features in Grail 0.6:

     * The bookmarks facility now supports exporting parts of the
       bookmark tree and importing bookmark files into an existing tree.
       When saving all or part of the tree, an option can be set to
       remove privacy-sensitive information. This can be very helpful
       when exchanging bookmark data with others.
     * The approach used to support new MIME types, both as documents and
       as embedded objects, has been revised somewhat. The new approach
       uses fewer directories; the module for each MIME type now contains
       both the embedding and document APIs (where appropriate).
     * The text/x-python MIME type is supported as a document type as
       well as the type of applet code. When presented as a document,
       Grail will attempt to colorize it as python source code.
     * I'll admit it: I've looked at Internet Explorer IE. There's
       actually one feature that seems to have been unique to IE but
       which I liked well enough to implement it in Grail: "hovering"
       over links. This is enabled by default in Grail 0.6; use the Style
       preference panel to configure or disable it. (It looks best with
       anchor underlining off and hover underlining on.)
     * Barry Warsaw's "pynche" color selector is used for color selection
       in the preference panels.
     * The title of a link target can be shown instead of the URL if the
       resource is known (has previously been visited), or if the page
       author provided the TITLE attribute for the anchor. This can be
       enabled in the General preferences panel.




Corporation for National Research Initiatives


  Update - Apr 2, 1999:
  The Grail that was released yesterday contained a small but critical
  compatibility bug with Python versions 1.5.1 and earlier.  (Thanks for
  the quick response from the community!)  An updated archive has been
  moved into place with the same name.

  And the URL for the Grail Web site is:


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