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 Recent articles on Python

Using SAX for Proper XML Output
Explains how to use python SAX libraries to generate proper XML output
from Python programs.
[Mar. 12, 2003]

Gems From the Archives
Hunts for treasures in the archives of the Python XML SIG, locating
interesting tidbits for producing and displaying XML.
[Apr. 9, 2003]

Charming Jython
Introduces Jython, the 100% Pure Java implementation of the Python
programming language, which combines the advantages of Python and the
Java virtual machine and library and serves as a handy complement to the
Java platform.
[May 6, 2003]

Using libxml in Python
Introduces libxml's Python bindings.
[May. 14, 2003]

XML Data Bindings in Python
Considers Python data bindings for XML, including generateDS, a script
which builds Python bindings from a WXS instance.
[Jun. 11, 2003]

The power of three: Python, Web services, and XSLT (with Mike Olson)
Looks at using the Python XSLT API for Web services development.
[Jun. 30, 2003]

XML Data Bindings in Python, Part 2
Second part of series on XML data binding tools in Python, examining the
XML data binding library which is part of David Mertz's Gnosis Utils.
[Jul. 2, 2003]

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