New FAQ Wizard: "Python Cookbook" 
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 New FAQ Wizard: "Python Cookbook"

In the recent "Documentation wishlist" thread, someone suggested a
python cookbook which showed how to perform various common tasks using

This seems like a natural fit for a FAQwizard, so I've set one up at
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;There's no
password, so anyone can submit entries.  If you see a helpful
explanation on a mailing list or newsgroup, that answers some question
beginning "How do I...", or spend some time figuring out a task,
please consider adding it to the corresponding section of the
cookbook.  Currently the sections are:

     1. General Tasks
     2. Data Structures
     3. Input/Output
     4. Text Processing
     5. Web-related tasks
     6. Tkinter
     7. PythonWin
     8. JPython
     9. Extending and Embedding

(Feel free to suggest further sections.)  Periodically, I'll take all
the entries and edit them into a{*filter*}document that will allow
fancier formatting, and provide a PDF version of the document.

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