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 Python.Org Redesign Contest

Hello Zopistas,

Wouldn't you love the Python.Org site to use Zope?  Don't you think
the Python.Org style is getting a bit dated?  Here's your chance to
change all that.

The design of the Python.Org web site <> is nearly two
years old now, and while functionally it works very well, we're
getting bored with it.  We've decided that we're hackers, not web site
designers so we thought we'd conduct a little contest: here's your
chance to design the new Python.Org web site!

Our requirements are:

- Use the Zope 2.x platform.  We're looking for both a Web site design
  and an application design.

- We want the site to be at least as user friendly as the current site
  is.  This means you should try to keep stuff like images to a
  minimum in order to help download times for people around the

- The look should be consistent throughout the whole site.

- We want it to be easy to delegate content management of parts of the
  site to "champions" selected from the python community.  A big goal
  of this whole effort is to make it easier for the rest of the
  community to share in the upkeep of the site.  For that reason, it
  should be easy for these champions to make changes, upload new
  pages, etc.

- It should be easy to import as much of the existing Python.Org
  content as possible.

- Bonus points if your solution allows us to include a redesigned
  JPython.Org site as a virtual domain.

- Deadline for submission is Monday, February 21, 2000.  We'd hoped to
  select the new design by time of the Python conference, but we've
  been informed that some useful Zope products won't be available
  until after the conference.  Better better than sooner :)

Everything else is up to you.  You can use the existing site design as
a starting point, or come up with your own ideas.  If we select your
design, we will of course need the rights to use your design and code,
and your permission to modify it as necessary.

Your prize will be prominent acknowledgements on the site (i.e. the
"fame" part of "fame and fortune" :).

Good luck!
-Barry & Guido, et al

P.S. A copy of this announcement is also available at


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