Linux RPMs for Zope 1.10.3 Final Release 
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 Linux RPMs for Zope 1.10.3 Final Release

Linux RPMs for Zope 1.10.3 Final Release

/FLASH/ While I was packaging and uploading 1.10.2 this week,
Digital Creations was releasing 1.10.3, hence -- another RPM
release today!  Sorry if anyone had already downloaded 1.10.2.

I've updated the RPM packaging of Zope to the latest stable version,
for use with python 1.5.1.  I've broken out the major subsystems
into standalone RPMs, so that ZPublisher (Bobo), ZTemplates,
ExtensionClasses, Acquisition, etc. can be installed by those who
don't want the entire Zope distribution.

I also added some scripting re /etc/rc.d/init.d/ so that the Zope
ZServer is started automatically on system-boot, in the style
of Red Hat/SysVinit.  This release also uses more of the
Linux Filesystem Standard layout, producing files in the
usual /var/run/*.pid and /var/log/*.log places, instead of
the default Zope directory.

You can get them from better Linux archives near you
via the rpmfind tool, or download them from:



What is Zope?

Zope is a web development environment, written in Python, that lets
you manage it all via the web. It's rather strange but really really
neat. For a better explanation than I can provide, check out:


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RPMs</A> - RPM distribution for Zope 1.10.3, for RedHat Linux 5.2
and Python 1.5.1.  (24-Jun-99)

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